The Best Careers For An Ideal Work-Life Balance
With more and more people seeking a career change than ever, finding a field with an ideal work-life balance is one of the most desired qualities in a position.

Testing the preview generation In 2021, more people are discovering that they want a career change in wake of the pandemic. People have realized what is important to them in life, and as a result, many people are prioritizing a career that allows them to have a favorable work-life balance. Some careers lend themselves to this much better than others, and here are a few fields that should allow you to find this balance.


Recruiters And Human Resources

While technically speaking, most people who work in HR do have traditional 9 to 5s, many of the tasks that they are asked to perform can occur away from the office or during different times. One of these tasks is recruiting, which as a result of technological advancements can be done almost anywhere. In the future, you can expect this career to become much more work-life friendly.



Studies and surveys across the board show that accountants are typically satisfied with work-life balance. This is likely due to the fact that more remote work has become available in the field, as well as the fact that companies are a bit more lenient with accountants in terms of allowing extra vacation time to accountants due to what some find to be a tedious nature of accounting.



This one is a no-brainer, as teachers can take the entire summer off work while still getting paid an annual salary. However, there are many challenges during the school year that will arise, such as having to spend time outside of hours grading papers and making lessons. Becoming involved in education will certainly do the job of removing you from the traditional 9-5, year-round rat race, however.



Similar to recruiting and human resources positions, you can project down the road and see that tech jobs will yield to ideal work-life balance within its field in the future. This is because it is the nature of the industry to allow for remote work and having flexible hours. It is also a field that is growing at a rapid pace, so getting into tech now may be a solid option for someone looking to undergo a career change.

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