What Character From “The Office” Matches Your Personality? 

Your character from “The Office” matched according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator based on your personality and characteristics.  

Each character from the beloved comedy series “The Office” has their own personality and can actually be measured on a scientific scale. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator determines personality typology through a self-report indicating the different psychological preferences in decision-making and perception of the world. See which employee of Dunder Mifflin matches your personality and where you land on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott is filled with excitement and energy. He enjoys socializing and is very extroverted. He may be very selfish at times and sometimes lacks understanding of proper social behavior or ques, especially in the workplace as a boss.
Michael Scott's lack of filter and fun personality would most likely be an ENFP (The Campaigner) according to the Myers-Briggs Indicator.  ENFP people are enthusiastic, creative, spontaneous, playful, value inspiration, enjoy starting new projects, and see potential in others.
Pam Beasley
Pam is very quiet and reserved. Even when she was developing feelings towards her later husband in the show, she approached a relationship with someone she thought was the logical and realistic mate. She also kept secrets well in the office’s circle.
Pam Beasley would be ISFJ (The Defender) according to the Myers-Briggs Indicator. People with an ISFJ score are warm, considerate gentle, responsible, pragmatic, thorough, and devoted caretakers who enjoy being helpful to others. 
Dwight Schrute
Organized beet farmer and punctual leader Dwight Schrute keeps a tidy desk while staying loyal to his fiendish boss Michael Scott who takes him for granted. Dwight plays the part of an office worker to Michael, lover/co-worker to Angela, and Jim’s prank victim. 
Dwight Schrute would be ESTJ (The Executive) according to the Myers-Briggs Indicator. People with an ETSJ are efficient, outgoing, analytical, systematic, dependable, realistic, likes to run the show, and get things done in an orderly fashion.