Millionaire Mentality More Successful Than Others?  

Millionaires seem to be living in the lap of luxury enjoying their success with more time in the world to relax but the reality is they work longer hours than most of us using the millionaire mentality.  

Your time is too valuable to lose
Age is just a number to the modern self-made person, and you are more valuable than time. The average billionaire has a set wake-up time at either 5 am or stays up till 2 pm to get work done. They have drivers driving them to work this way, they can make important calls or reach clients by email, and they do not waste time.
They never compare themselves to others
The poor mindset is to let people control what you think about yourself. A wealthy demeanor is never quit and never surrender, and the mistakes made look like road maps to progress. They don't let someone make them feel bad about their mistakes to make them better in the end. Some of them don't even waste their time on social media at all. 
Always learning
They read not only fiction but self-improvement and books written to help them achieve their business goals. They listen more than they share and keep their friends close and their competition closer.