How to Manage Stress Like A Pro 

Simple, easy ways to feel less stressed during the day and get things done. Drop the weight of stressful baggage with these self-help tips. 

In no way procrastinate 
Remember when you were given a task and realized that it was due that day at the last minute? Well, not anymore. Here are some practices to get things done before the due date and manage life's stress before they happen:
1. Use a calendar to keep track of your schedule.
2. Even when you think you don't need to remember something, write it down always.
3. Do a task 1-2 weeks before the deadline.
4. When you feel worn out, that's your body signaling to take a break.
Leave toxic people 
Someone in your life causing you problems could be your old high school friends you thought you could trust or a boyfriend or girlfriend you are just starting to know or have known your whole life. Sometimes people you had never known can be deceiving; you might catch yourself saying, “but I love them.” Then they request things from you for the relationship to work, are caught lying more than once, disrespect boundaries, and put you down verbally and physically more than once to bring themselves up.