Build Your Savings Account With These Apps 

The traditional savings account has evolved to mobile bank services and savings apps catered for user's lifestyle depending on your financial goals and spending habits. 

The traditional savings account with your preferred bank will help build towards your savings, but you haven't considered a couple of tools. One of the best ways to build your savings account is using a savings app that will help keep track of your savings, and some offer automated systems to do all the work for you.
The best savings app for those on a tight budget would be Joy, which helps you balance your budget and contributes to your savings account. Users can calculate how much money they will spend each day to prevent going over budget by analyzing their spending habits and income.
Based on your budget, the app will calculate how much money you can put towards your savings without breaking your budget. The Joy app isn’t automated, so users have to make the transfers themselves (also ensuring the choice-making process). Your funds will automatically transfer from your linked account to an FDIC-insured savings account.
You can also choose to save more or less money than the suggested amount generated by Joy, allowing you to move money into your account at any time. Users can transfer the funds from the savings account to an external account and receive daily notifications.
One savings app that offers many customizing features is Qapital, which will help you meet any savings goal. Qapital can help you save money with custom autosave preferences and rules catered to your lifestyle; for example, you can save a certain amount of money each time you go grocery shopping or getting cash from the ATM.
Qapital’s program will help you offset purchases by investing into your savings account with the “round-up rule” and “spend less rule” that will help you make better financial decisions. The round-up rule will round all of your transactions and automatically transfer the difference to your account, and the spend less rule helps you save a certain amount of money when you spend on less essential spends like eating out according to Magnify Money. 
The Simple savings app is advertised as one of the most simple and easy saving apps to use for any savings goal. Simple is a mobile-first bank for users to save towards money goals with a fee-free account that you can fund and set financial goals along with target dates. The app will calculate how much money you should transfer periodically to reach your target date based on the preferred frequency.

If you’re looking for a new way to build your savings account, you might want to consider using these top-rated savings apps.