Reasons Why You Should Make Yourself Replaceable At Work 

It might sound counterproductive to make yourself replaceable at work but this is actually setting you up for a seamless promotion or transition within your company. 

Most employees looking to advance in their careers strive to make themselves seem indispensable to employers but a notion to consider is making yourself replaceable. It might seem good on paper to be irreplaceable this can stifle your opportunity to advance but this can actually constrict your career in a rut, and it doesn’t benefit the company if you’re the only person who knows how to do your job.
Business and executive management books have promoted this idea over the years that can be simple as finding someone else in your workplace that can do your job. This doesn’t mean you aren’t the best at your job but if you’re looking for a higher position, you’ll have more luck getting promoted as there is already someone able and ready to take on the role.
The best way to make yourself replaceable is through three steps: put everything in writing, support/train your colleagues, and delegate. Putting everything in writing (every process, task, or policy) related to your job should be written down and stored in a file where others can access it so new hires learn company protocols while benefits existing employees with a refresher course.
Another method of finding someone that can replace your job is through supporting and training your colleagues as it can be concerning to supervisors if no one else can do your job. You can start by being willing to share knowledge or offer training on tasks related to your role with direct reports or your colleagues.
One of the biggest factors in finding someone to replace you is delegating that will help avoid the trap of thinking you need to sign off on every task especially when a co-worker or direct report of skills required for the job. Studies indicate employee morale in the workplace is closely linked to employees feeling trusted and have the ability to make decisions on their own.

If you plan on getting promoted in your company, it’s best to find someone within the company that can easily replace you and fulfills your previous responsibilities. Sharing your skills with team members will also demonstrate leadership skills that companies look for when promoting from within or hiring for new roles. The research for this article was sourced from Life Hacker.