New York Times To Purchase Popular Online Game "Wordle"

A strategy and word game called “Wordle” has blown up in recent months, and this figures to continue as the New York Times has now acquired rights to the game.  

If you are a user on Twitter or on other online platforms, perhaps you have played or at least seen a game called “Wordle” come across your timeline. This game may just get much more popular and mainstream, as The New York Times has bought the game from its original engineer Josh Wardle, who launched the game in October of 2021. The Times estimated that the purchase of Wordle was in the low-end of seven figures. The New York Times will be adding Wordle to its growing Games section, which already features things such as crossword puzzles, sudoku, and spelling games on its platform in an attempt to lure new subscribers.
In a statement, the New York Times stated that “The Times remains focused on becoming the essential subscription for every English-speaking person seeking to understand and engage with the world. New York Times Games are a key part of that strategy.” This seems reflective of what many online mediums are doing at the moment in growing beyond their original audience and becoming larger and more influential media platforms that expand into multiple niches.
The premise of Wordle is to give each player 6 tries daily in guessing a mystery 5-letter word. There is also a social element to the game, as people often will share their scores and compete against one another. The game has grown at an incredible pace, as millions of people are now estimated to be playing the game which was just created a couple of months ago.
The New York Times made clear that they do not want to tamper too much with the game following their acquisition, and even that players' existing streaks will still be active. It will be interesting to see how much the Times’ pickup of this booming game will impact it going forward.