Major Changes Could Be On The Way For The International Space Station

A new report from NASA reveals that a reform and expansion of the role of the International Space Station could soon take place.  

In 2022, space exploration finds itself as an interesting space as we are transitioning from it being a primarily public operation to one increasingly influenced by the private sector, with companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin playing massive roles. With this naturally will come change to pre-existing operations from the time when the government was in charge of nearly everything. One major change that appears to be on the way involves the International Space Station, which was for years an outer space hub dedicated to scientific research of space technology.
NASA has stated that in the coming decade, they plan to have the ISS undergo a transition from its research-based purpose to more of a commercial hub. In fact, NASA already appears to be going forward with the idea of adding new modules to the ISS’s docking ports and is in the process of designing new commercial space stations that will reportedly collaborate with the ISS’s mission.
"US industry is developing these commercial destinations to begin operations in the late 2020s for both government and private-sector customers, concurrent with space station operations, "NASA claimed in a recent report.
This move appears to be concurrent with the private sector becoming more influential in space travel and exploration, as an emphasis on the “space economy” has become a larger factor. It does appear, however, that the ISS will not abandon its roots as a research station either, but will simply be adding to its existing purpose and reforming how it does its work. The NASA report also stated that the agency is in the process of finding “ways to engage a diverse group of students, educators, and the general public through inspirational opportunities."
Who knows what the future holds in terms of space exploration, but it appears there is as great a commitment as there has ever been in tapping into the vast potential of outer space in 2022.