The Next Emerging Entertainment Platform Is The Car
Modern cars have transformed into entertainment platforms. Automakers are now integrating smart and feature-rich infotainment systems for better in-vehicle user experiences. Infotainment systems combine information and entertainment services.

Infotainment is a combination of information and entertainment services. It has emerged as a crucial feature in cars as it entertains along with an excellent utility to passengers and drivers alike.

Almost all manufacturers in the automotive industry are striving hard to make in-vehicle infotainment systems more engaging, entertaining, and interactive. These systems feature touchscreen displays.

Moreover, the rise of digital screens has made it easy for automobile manufacturers to provide similar experiences to a TV and games console. Though having screens in the car is nothing new, usage has transformed cars into entertainment hubs.

In the ’80s, television displays were mounted on the back side of the headrest, similar to the ones in airlines. However, today’s infotainment systems have redefined in-vehicle entertainment. The demand for in-vehicle systems has soared.

The market is expected to reach $30.47 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 11.79 percent. Studies show that the IVI (the surge in the production of vehicles, telematics regulations, technological advancements, and the growing demand for luxury vehicles drives the in-vehicle infotainment market.


How Does The Infotainment System Works?

In-vehicle infotainment integrates with several other external and in-vehicle systems to provide information and entertainment to passengers. The critical components of the in-vehicle infotainment system include:


Integrated Head Unit

The head unit is a touchscreen tablet-like device Mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard with a user-friendly interface. The head unit is well-integrated and works as the infotainment system control center.


Heads-Up Display

This display is a vital part of the high-end infotainment system. It displays real-time information about the vehicle on the transparent screen integrated into the vehicle’s windshield. It prevents the driver’s distraction and provides crucial details like navigation maps, electronic digital clusters, multimedia options, speed, and climate.


High-End GPUs and DSPs

Today’s infotainment systems are built-in with powerful processors capable of content display on multiple displays for an enhanced in-vehicle experience.


Operating Systems

The operating systems of in-vehicle infotainment systems have the potential to support convenience functions, connectivity, and software applications needed for the integration of new functions.


Automotive manufacturers are focused on developing infotainment systems that are user-friendly, easy to control while driving, and highly responsive.

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