Forever Roses Brings Fairytales To Life

"Beauty and the Beast" might be a fairytale but this story inspired one Dubai company to bring the forever rose to real life with a variety of colors and styles making the perfect gift for your loved one. 

You may remember the enchanted rose from the classic movie “Beauty and the Beast” that seemed to be something of magic. One luxury florist has brought the forever rose to life with remarkable roses that are preserved for a long period of time without the need for water.
Forever Rose London (based in Dubai) was the initial genius behind the idea of the forever rose with special flowers with a naturally slow decaying process sourcing the roses grown near Quito, Ecuador. The growing location offers a unique process as the roses are growing in volcanic soil that is enriched with nutrients making the petals sturdy to withstand the preservation procedure.
Once the roses are ready, they are treated with glycerin to preserve them, sent through a drying process, and the prepared roses are ready to be displayed in the glass dome that was also inspired by the style from “Beauty and the Beast.” There are other companies that sell forever roses, but these last the longest and are priced starting at over $182 and the biggest bouquet can cost up to $80,000.
Forever Rose London has created custom pieces of forever floral art in the shape of a colorful unicorn and the Eiffel tower. The founder of Forever Rose London, Ebraheem al Samadi, explains how the forever roses are preserved and what makes their process unique.
The company produces natural, luxury roses that can last for many years with the preservation process starting with adding glycerin with certain color protection. Once this phase of production is complete, the roses are released back into the sun so harmful substances like bacteria will evaporate utilizing the sun’s UV rays.
The assembling facility is located in Jebel Ali where workers are able to arrange the products according to the customers' orders. Forever Roses London has many types of flowers for all celebrations, but the black rose is quite unique, and some people buy one to symbolize the ending of a relationship.
If you’re looking for a unique gift that will last, you might want to consider getting a forever rose if you can afford it. This gift can symbolize eternal love for significant other and will bring a fairytale to life.