Things to do to Help Prioritize Your Daily Tasks 

Having a plan in place of tasks that need to be completed is key to having a productive day and building a productive lifestyle. 

One of the keys to a proper work-life balance is to figure out how your day-to-day tasks can be best prioritized. This will give you the best chance to accomplish the things that you need to, while enforcing a balanced lifestyle. The key is that these implementations become a habit that you can repeat day in and day out. Here are some things you can do to help prioritize your daily tasks.
Rank your tasks from most difficult to easiest
Oftentimes, the tasks that we find the most difficult are the most significant source of stress. However, sometimes the anticipation of the task is more stressful than the task itself. This is why you should complete the task as soon as you possibly can in the day. This will help clear up the rest of the schedule with things you have far more confidence in completing.
Write down your tasks
Writing down your daily tasks will prevent the chance of you forgetting to do certain things. It also may give you proper context into how much you have to get done in a given day and how much time you need to allow to complete everything. There is also a satisfaction in crossing things off your list that can help your mindset going forward and your ability to stay in completing your assignments.
Be Realistic
When formulating a plan to complete your daily tasks, you need to consider not only the current day but days in the future as well. It is definitely possible to try and cram too much into one day. Although this makes for a more productive day, it is likely not sustainable. This could lead to a lack of consistency in the  completion of your daily tasks. This is why it is important to find the right balance of hard work, but not too much work.