Should You Buy In Bulk?

Most people are always looking to reduce their overhead costs. One possible way to cut down your monthly expense is through buying in bulk. Buying in bulk not only cuts down your costs by 20%, but it also reduces food wastage and carbon footprint. Here are five reasons to buy in bulk. 

5 Reasons For Buying In Bulk

When thinking about bulk buying, people always resort to Costco or Sam’s Club. These warehouse clubs offer a host of items you can buy and at cheaper rates. 


1. Reduce Transport Miles

Buying in bulk dramatically reduces your cost of transportation. Instead of going to the grocery store twice a week, bulk-buying enables consumers to purchase a monthly supply of necessary items. As a result, only one or two trips to Costco or Sam’s Club in a month. 


2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When consumers buy in bulk, the store owners don’t have to wrap multiple items in different packages. This way, bulk buying reduces the carbon footprint and the packaging material that goes to waste. 

3. Reduce Food Wastage

Buying in bulk reduces food wastage because shoppers know the exact quantity they need for a month. Shopping with a list of items prevents impulse buying and reduces the purchase of processed food. 

4. Buy Nothing BUT The Product

Bulk buying means you are purchasing products that are yet to be bought by third-party stores. This proactive purchase greatly reduces the cost of packaging and branding, meaning customers are paying for nothing but the product. 


5. Greater Flexibility

In a conventional store, organic items are wrapped in bunches, and their cost is increased significantly. While bundle packaging proves to be useful sometimes, it causes excess buying, which increases wastage. Bulk buying gives customers the freedom to buy a pinch or a pound, meaning you can buy as much as you need for a month, week, or a day. 

Ending Note - How Much Can You Save?

While the amount you save depends on the items you are buying, it is generally estimated that bulk buying saves consumers up to 20%.However, experts say that bulk buying might save as much as 83%. The number one concern to keep in mind while bulk buying is that it’s not about the item’s price; it’s about the price per unit. So, if you are plan to start saving money this year and cut down your grocery budget, bulk buying might be what you are looking for. 



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