Should You Be Trading In Your Phone?

If you’re curious whether trading your phone can get you a better deal apart from selling it, there’s an easy way to find out. Most phone companies offer the trader a device appraisal page. With the information you put into this document, they can find out what’s your phone worth. Some of the information you can put into this document can be:
The manufacturer of your mobile phone How old the device is If it has any serious problems 
Every service provider will want to do business with you, so they’re going to offer you many benefits for a trade deal rather than a sale. For instance, every service provider loves new customers. So to ensure they strike a long term deal with you, they’ll give you a great deal for trading your old phone. So much so that they’ll even do the data transferring bit for you. 

1. How Tech Lovers Can Benefit

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and want the S9, you can conveniently go to a provider dealing with Samsung phones. You might get a discount on the bill, too! Plus, more than acquiring new customers, service providers love customer loyalty. If your provider knows you love Apple phones, they might offer you the latest iPhone as soon as it is available while adding a small amount to your monthly bill.
A deal like this can help people who love new phones and always want the latest tech. But with that said, there are some pitfalls to a trade deal too. For example, it can seldom happen that if a person does not go to a store to pick up a phone and choose to get it mailed, their phone can get lost. In a case like this, your service provider might still charge you for the phone they did not receive, and you’ll have to annoy customer support for several hours until the charges can be reversed.
To get this done, you’ll have to prove that you sent the phone and are not attempting to cheat. 


2. Selling Your Phone Gives You The Best Deal

A trade-in does not leave you with cash in hand. Since you own a phone and don’t owe any monthly payments, you can sell it to get easy cash. A phone provider will always want that you stick with them. That is why they’ll make everything convenient, but that’s the point! Even though it can be easy to stick with them, there won’t be a lot of financial value behind that decision. 


3. Which Approach Would Suit You?

Conclusively, the decision of trading your phone compared to selling it depends solely on the money you want or the convenience you want. Trading a device can be a convenient decision, but it might not provide the best value.
On the other hand, if you want to acquire as much of the phone’s value back in your pocket, selling it will be a good decision for you.     




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