Top 5 Online Budgeting Tools

Whether you are rich or poor, budgeting is important to survive in today's dynamic economy. An average American has over $90,000 worth of debt, and cutting down expenses is the only way to pay back this amount.  For some people, cutting back on their expenses is harder than earning money. However, with the help of online budget organizing tools, saving money can be easy, efficient, and effective. 

1. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is an amazing budgeting app available on both IOS and android. The thing that makes YNAB the best budgeting app of 2020 is its current salary saving feature. YNAB makes a budget from your current month's salary rather than your future income, training you to live in the present. The interface of this application is like spreadsheets, and it's easy to use.

Finally, YNAB provides amazing graphs and charts that keep track of your money. You can easily make changes to these with a tap as necessary.                                                                                                                             

2. Personal Capital Free Dashboard


Personal capital is a free app and dashboard that lets you track your money and investment simultaneously. Its clean interface is easy to navigate, and you can connect your personal and savings account with personal capital. The best part about this online budgeting app is that it knows the category of your expenses, so you don't have to manually organize things. 



3. Quicken Online Budgeting Tool


This neat and nifty online budget organizing tool is popular among Windows users for its robust functionality. Quicken not only tracks your expenses but allows you to pay bills and handle your investments. Quicken is a complete solution for all your financial problems. However, its Mac version is not as robust as the Windows version. So, Mac users might want to check out Mint. 

4. Mint Online Budget Organizing Tool


Owned by the same company that created Quicken, Mint is the answer Mac users have been looking for. Mint's sleek and smooth interface is a game-changer for those looking for an easy to use online budget organizing tool. Mint can organize your expenses in categories in a minute after you link your bank account with it. Moreover, Mint can also track your investments, income, assets, liabilities, and even net worth.  



5. Google Spreadsheets

Nothing beats the power and user-friendliness of spreadsheets. Although spreadsheets lack the bells and whistles other apps have, it gets the job done. Moreover, the level of freedom and data confidentiality spreadsheet offers is unmatched. For instance, using spreadsheets as an online budget organizing tool is free, and you can track whatever you want. Moreover, you won't have to share your bank information with third-party services. 


Final Verdict

Out of all the online budget organizing tools and apps, YNAB and Quicken are the best for saving enthusiasts. Whether you are saving for emergencies or adding to your retirement account. Working with an online budget organizing tool can make your life easy.  

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