5 Ways To Half Your Electric Bill

Many households in the USA suffer from high electricity bills. It is the second-largest expense after a mortgage. In 2018, people spent$1400 per year on electricity. And with the 2.3% rise in the electricity cost per year, we could expect to pay more than $1500 per year in the future.

For many, cutting down on electricity can be a huge relief. You can reduce your expense by 25%, which means an added $350 in your pocket. Here are 5 ways to reduce electricity bills and invest the extra saving elsewhere. 

1. Solar Energy

The best way to reduce electricity bills is to not use conventional power supply at all. An average US home uses 900kw of energy. This can easily be produced through solar panels. However, the cost of installation is fairly high, and many people shy away from this idea. People don’t understand that the installation cost can be recovered in a year by reducing electricity expenses.  

2. Use Smart Power Strips

Some electronic equipment doesn’t completely shut down. They keep consuming small amounts of energy, which adds up affecting the gadget and your electricity bills in the long run. With the help of a smart power strip, you can cut off their electric supply when not in use. This has the potential to cut down your electricity expense by 10% in a year. 

3. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

The best tip to reduce energy consumption is to buy energy-efficient appliances. Many people don’t consider the electric consumption of an appliance during their purchase. This ignorance adds to their utility bills at the end of the month. Energy-efficient appliances can range from the smallest gadgets to the largest. But some small equipment consumes more energy than large ones. Therefore, it is important to check the electric consumption of the item you are about to purchase.  


4. Reduce Ironing Time

Did you know that ironing consumes 800 – 2000 watts of electricity? You could be adding a dollar a day if you iron daily. By ironing all your clothes one day for the week, you can cut down $20 from your monthly electricity bills. Another factor to keep in mind is that iron consumes a substantial amount of energy when warming up. This is because the kinetic energy is converting electricity into heat. So the next time you iron, make sure to do all your clothes in one day to reduce wasting electricity.  


5. Reduce Air Conditioning Bills

In the southern part of the USA, air conditioning is a must for survival. However, most of us don’t know you can reduce energy consumption while using your AC. When we power on our air-conditioning, we set it to the temperature to lighten the room. However, if you fix the temperate at 69.8Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and put your AC to sleep, you would notice that the room temperature would neither be too cold not too hot. 



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